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Taunton Flower Show

Well once upon a time I confess I was a plantaholic, and would have been drooling over the wonderful array of plants at the garden stalls and seen leaving the show later with armfuls of pots.

So surprise when Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th of August I was in the craft tent with fellow crafters.
This is my stall with all the things I have sewn and shabby chic’d.

The thought had crossed my mind, would I need my wellies?,but thankfully Vivary Park where it was held is very well maintained and despite the showers did not get too wet or my stall dripped on.
It was a very old marquee and in some places leaked,thankfully I was there when it was being checked at night, when I was setting up, and I was able to point out some drips which were attended to with a sealant and patches.Others where less fortunate and their stock got wet,poor things.

We had a good time, although I suspect numbers where less because of the Olympics.I was of course telling people about my new shop and they where very excited and promised to visit.Vintage lovers are so enthusiastic!! Love them xx

Yes, you guessed, I did sneak a few plants home!

Sally's Vintage Chic at Taunton Fower Show

Sally’s Stall in the Craft Tent


The Mid Devon Show

Look who came to visit my stall at Tiverton.Does,n’t she look wonderful?
Her name is Sue Virgin and she was promoting her business at the show which is “Home Front” Displays/Talks.Living History.
I could not resist asking her to pose behind the “counter”.
Women certainly did keep the home fires burning and it is worth telling folk today what they did to support the troops at the front.
Thanks to all who visited my stall and who promised to come to the shop.Looking forward to it!!

Mid Devon Show at Tiverton

“Home Front” at Sally’s Vintage Chic stall.


Dainty pedestal plate

This week I have made some very pretty pedestal plates made from vintage plates and candle sticks.
They are all 100% waterproof.This coming Wednesday is Dunster Fair so I will be taking them there.

Pretty Vintage Pedestal Plate

Pretty Vintage Crafted Pedestal Plate