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Christmas Decorations

I don’t know if you have decorated your house ready for Christmas. Certainly I have done all my decorating which is much earlier than usual, I am way ahead of myself. Generally I try and buy one new decoration a year but this year I have excelled myself as I have had a massive clear out and changed a lot of our usual decorations. It has been all change this year as we have a brand new house which needed a different approach to our usual style. It has been such fun.
Decorations are selling fast in the shop now after a slow start,they are all finding new homes.
If you have some I would love to see some of your decorating styles and displays do send me some photos.


Love to Shop

What a wonderful time of year. The shelves here are positively groaning with gorgeousness . There is so much to choose from,whether you are looking forward to decoration the house for Christmas or selecting that perfect gift, you won’t be disappointed . But hurry not many days left until the big day.



It’s been really nice this year that customers have returned to Sally’s for their Christmas gifts because they know they can buy those special individual gifts that are unique . Many are hand made by me.The bunting you see in the picture has been made from old lace and repurposed into a pretty gift. A lady from Cardiff purchased one for a friend this morning who she knows will be delighted.Cost £10.50 The little bag you can see at the back of the picture,made from black and red ribbon to look like a corset would make a great unique gift. Only £12 so won’t break the bank. You won’t be stuck for choice there is plenty to choose from.