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Archive | May, 2016


Those of you who have been following me from the beginning will know of my beloved dachshund Lillie whom I adored. Sadly she grew old and very poorly and I had to make that trip to the vet that all dog owners dread.I was devistated,she left a huge whole in my life and I swore I would never have another dog as I couldn’t stand to say goodbye at the end.I missed her constant companionship she was never happy unless she was always at my side.
Well I didn’t last long! I would like to introduce you Dora who is now 18 old months and adorable.I have had her since she was a few weeks old, some of you will have met her already as when she was very small and not so active she would sit on the counter in the shop or be passed round the tearoom to customers for a cuddle. Consequently she is a softie and very sociable.Even with other dogs as she went to puppy classes.She has become a little bit to active at the moment to be safe in the shop,so she stays at home with my mum and comes in for short visits. Here she is on one of her visits helping to greet people and make them welcome.I will still keep the picture of Lillie on my home page where she deserves to be as she was there at the start,but I will be keeping you up to date with Dora’s antics.


Funky Phone

We had one of these rotary dial phones when I was a girl,my father was always telling me off for spending too long on it in the evenings talking to friends.
Calls were expensive then.
This lovely red one is in fully working order,all ready to plug in and use.