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I recently purchased this vintage three tier folding stand.
Originally I believe this would have been used at teatime for plates of cakes and sandwiches, but it has so many more uses today. If you love your house plants this would make a good display or maybe a place for your favourite collectables in a creative way. Or painted up for all your fancy toiletries in the bedroom or bathroom .



Pearl Decorations

With such white walls it is difficult to take a picture of these. I wanted to take them on the white branches for full effect, so ruled out placing them flat on a dark background. I hand made these decorations from pearls and silver wire, with added embellishments . I don’t think they are just for Christmas but the odd one would look lovely stratigicly placed for that special effect anywhere in the home. Hurry they are selling fast.


1950s Home Maker

I find it hard to believe that women dutifully did this,but they did,even though it was the women that kept the country running while the men were away at war. Just think how exhausted they would have felt after all the hard work without modern appliances and looking after the children only to have the husband return home expecting perfection from wife and children scrubbed and looking immaculate to wait on him hand and foot. Every modern mans dream!